Just a Little Tribute…

I lost someone very important to me. Our history together was so rich and complex and so cobble-stoned with memories that thinking about it now is like reopening the scar and bleeding afresh. I crossed mountain ranges with this person and waded through the dark depths of a vast and unending blackness. I rejoiced with them and cried with them and I feel privileged to be one of the few people in his life to have known him completely both in heart and soul.

He had a smile that if caught was like holding onto a butterfly, full of glee and childish reminisce. And in those moments the world could have been crumbling and I wouldn’t have minded, because his joy was so full and complete that nothing else quite existed. A thousand words could never truly express the sorrow and the regret that I carry with his passing. But I have tried to condense them into a poem that I hope will help both he and I to say goodbye.



I never thought that I’d be envious of the moon,
Who watches ever-knowingly over our loves and lives and falls,
But it is through her reflection now that I will find you,
Cradled within her light as she dances with the shore.

I imagine you there upon the waves that always healed you,
Floating on your back with the glee of hope held in your eyes,
I imagine you tranquil and still in that slow black,
Listening to the hum of the ocean as she sighs.

I know I cannot keep you and it would be selfish of me to try,
When there are so many horizons now for you to roam,
So though I’m envious of the moon I know she carries you to peace,
And so I’ll let her light hold you and guide you home.

© Tahlea Eastwood 2016