Hello Out There!

There is a little bit of satisfaction in sitting down to write today, after a journey that has caused me to completely fall apart and rebuild myself one little brick at a time. It has been around five years since I have sat down to take myself seriously as a writer and between that space and now, I have moved, had a second child, moved again, had surgery, met some amazing people, suffered heartbreak, pushed through walls, moved again, lost myself, found myself and that’s right…moved again. Suffice to say I am completely sick of bubble wrap, but vulnerable and willing to accept myself completely and utterly as I am.

This is huge! Complete acceptance of self has never been a strong point of mine. But after a soul quest that has taken me from martial arts, to Eckhart Tolle, from past lives to the pretzel-shaped nirvana of yoga I can actually sit here and say that I am at peace with not knowing precisely what’s in store for me from here. I am at peace with strapping on my backpack of hope and heading down that symbolic road of good intentions. Believe me, this is pretty big for a self-confessed control freak.

I am realising more and more as my journey unfolds that life is mostly just about being bold. About having the courage to stand up for who you are and what is most true to your heart. It’s so easy to find yourself lost in a maze of distraction that pulls you off in different directions and further away from the only path that will lead you home. But we must prevail! We must rally together and fight for dreams because dreams are the stuff of greatness. And we all need a little more of that stuff…so, fellow dreamers, stand up and be bold with me! Let us walk together along this incredible road ahead. May we pave as we go, with stones of hope and light and love and as we do may we leave behind a pathway to something amazing!

Okay, enough of that…but seriously, you only have to turn on the news for a moment these days to be confronted with images of drama and hate and violence. It’s enough to make anyone feel defeated and hopeless. There is an old Cherokee Legend that talks of the two wolves within all of us. One represents darkness and the other represents light. One encompasses hatred and greed and ego and guilt and the other a warrior of goodness and joy and faith. In the legend, the old Cherokee is asked which wolf will win and he says “the one you feed.”

This little legend has really become a backbone for my intentions lately. Life can be so complicated and it helps simplify things to bring awareness into you and your intentions. For me, I guess, this blog is a way of me feeding the right wolf. On a personal level I want to feed the wolf of trust and self-belief and try my best to ignore the wolf that tries to tell me it’s all impossible. But on a collective level, I want to feed the wolf of the world that is still fighting for a better place…that still believes that we can come together and make a change, leave something incredible behind for our children.

So hello, fellow dreamers I hope you will walk with me as I write and live and dream and meet some amazing people along the way.